What you can expect At Auditions

When you are called for an audition, expect merely a handful of people to be present, and not a very large crowd. In addition to yourself and the casting director, another people who matter, might be the director, a camera operator, if the auditions are being taped, and perhaps an agent of the advertising agency, if the audition is for a commercial.

The moment your turn to audition arrives, the casting director, may have already auditioned hundreds of individuals, which means by this time, they might be bored and perhaps irritable. You are able to seize the moment to create a "Wow" moment, and make the directors' job easier, or you can be unprepared and destroy your chances of getting any role.


After a little brief introduction, you may be asked for your headshot and resume. Someone can also ask to take a photo, so you should smile and look your best. Depending on the role for which you are auditioning, your clothing needs to be appropriate. If you are auditioning for a role being a business person, it could be better to wear a crisp business suit. If the role is that of a cowboy, you should at least look like a cowboy, perhaps by wearing jeans and a shirt. The key is to be subtle while looking likes your character, and not being in a costume, which will help you in being more distinguishable from other participants.


If you are auditioning for a commercial, your appearance is critical, simply because you effectively become a salesperson for the product, and you will be asked for different profiles, including front, back and sides. With television commercials, you'll probably be asked to slate, which means to state your full name, prior to being directed to start acting the role. If the role is for a movie, TV show, or theatrical play, you will be asked to sit in a chair, stand still or walk around. Depending on the script, you might even be asked to portray a different character as a way to examine your versatility. Be always ready to expect the unexpected, be ready to work in unusual situations in a moment's notice. Many performers practice the art of improvisation, so that you can get ready for the unexpected.


Improvisation may help perform spontaneously in the event of unexpected occurrences, while you still remain in character. You might be asked to read the script repeatedly, with the casting director suggesting some changes, perhaps as being angrier, softer or maybe more forceful. This could be viewed as a good sign, because you have his attention and she or he can find you of great interest. With interest being piqued, you stand a better chance of receiving a call back.

Acting auditions 2012 happen to be scheduled. You will discover where and when they are being held to increase your chances of landing a role.
Reality show auditions 2012 specify that reality shows are continuing to grow in popularity, making it easier for untrained actors to find work. Auditions 2012 will work for you.


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